Streamline Your Workflow
Efficient & Seamless Shipping

Digital Documents

Eliminate errors & save time

Eliminate the need for manual data entry and save time with automated digital documents

Input data once

Pre-fill all the information needed for your shipping documents
This should show you what we're talking about

Use any document template

Select from our pre-made industry standard templates or use your own

One-click create

Fill all your documents with the click of a button, without error

E-Signatures & Digital Stamps

Take digital documents to the next level

One Click Sign

Utilize one click signing and stamping to drastically reduce contract lifecycles, eliminate the need to download documents and go paper-less

Send Documents

Send documents to be filled out and signed to partners and team members, despite them not being Cargoflip users

Activity Feed & Smart Notifications

Elevate your teams performance

Assign task

Automatically notify employees or partners when a task needs to be completed via email

Comment directly on documents

Leave comments on documents to notify team members of any edits that need to be made

Send internally and externally

Send documents to be filled out and reviewed, no need for partners or team members to be Cargoflip users

Get notified tasks are completed

Smart notifications to always keep you in the loop, get ultimate visibility into your teams

Track & Trace

Visibility into your shipment status
Real time updates

Use your Bill of Lading or Container Number to track your shipments anytime and anywhere


Never miss a payment and track what’s been paid

Set reminders for your team members to make payments, set terms for payments, and track the flow of money

Cost Analysis

Analyze the cost of your goods inclusive of shipping

Keep record of estimated and actual costs to draw insights into how much shipping is costing your team

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  • Zero friction supplier onboarding
  • Carrier neutral
  • Cloud first

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