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Shipping Documents
Error Free In Minutes

Create sets of error free documents in minutes and use them with a new level of flexibility with all in one export documentation software

Keep up-to-date on all shipments (icon)
Reduce manual data typing by 40-50%
Inbuilt documents review and approval features
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Streamline internal and external collaboration
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Create smoother workflows with fewer emails
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Keep on top of your daily tasks with ease
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Shipping Documents 1.2


5x faster to create and process shipping and trade documents


Reduce 85% of your delays due to missing documents
or information from suppliers

Get Rid of Errors and Save Time

Say goodbye to manual data entry and save time by turning your paperwork digital.

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Add the information once

You can pre-fill all the data you need for your shipping documents so it syncs automatically.

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Pick any template

We have a selection of pre-made industry standard templates to choose from or you can create your own.

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Create documents in a click

Fill out your documents with a click and without any errors.

Get Rid of Errors and Save Time

" Cargoflip answers the most important question of our logistic team. What needs my attention? we know exactly what the next step is
for each shipment "

VP of operations, Uni-Sol Machinery Ltd
Sign and stamp documents digitally

Sign and stamp documents digitally

Say goodbye to manual data entry and save time by turning your paperwork digital.

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Send documents

Make it easy to share and send documents you need to your partners and team members to fill out, even if they are not Cargoflip users.

Sign documents in one click

One-click signing and stamping allows you to go paperless. No need to download documents anymore and you can also speed up contract lifecycles.

Powerful tools designed to
keep you shipping

Minimize manual data entry and manage your cargo without delays or mistakes. No more spreadsheets!

Smooth shipping, without changing course

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