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Cargoflip The Journey: Vol. 1

Cargoflip The Journey: Vol. 1

July 30, 2021
Last Updated:
July 25, 2023
5 min read

An update on Cargoflip's journey and new features.

Cargoflip The Journey: Vol. 1

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Cargoflip… where to start? The ride, although still early, has been extremely eventful. As the team grows, we inevitably experience both wins and losses. The company has embodied the famous Heather O’Reilly quote “You can’t let the highs get too high and you can’t let the lows get too low”. We’re starting to see all the growing pains associated with a B2B SaaS company, from creating meaningful industry connections to technical setbacks. Nevertheless, the team powers on and the path forward looks promising!    

On a high level, Cargoflip has been onboarding new customers, and as we strive to support them with their shipping workflows, the conversations we have with them and the feedback they give us enables us to continually improve our product. . It’s extremely rewarding for our team to see customers leveraging Cargoflip to expand their businesses, with small and medium-sized businesses in particular becoming capable of competing on a global scale! We are relentlessly dedicated to delivering on Cargoflip’s mission to support SMEs with shipping workflows because we envision a future where companies can cross borders with ease and efficiency. 

As our team continues to grow in headcount and in experience, certain values have also begun surfacing. We have evolved into more than just colleagues who connect around work, and instead are actively invested in each other's successes and goals in life overall. Supporting one another’s aims around  physical fitness, personal development, etc. has expanded our relationship on a personal level, thereby allowing us to work together more effectively as a teaml.  

Ultimately, we’re taking both our obstacles and our successes in stride and focusing on working hard while also asking ourselves the hard questions to ensure we don’t lose sight of our objectives. But the inevitable question is, moving forward, how do we plan to  stay motivated? The answer is simple; we rally behind our leadership. Dmitri (CEO) and Prateek (COO). Their dedication to  prioritizing customers and years of experience building large tech companies are qualities that keep our team focused and inspired, and we believe they will take Cargoflip to the next level.

As we continue to grow and experiment with different facets of the business, some goals include honing our product-market fit as well as determining how to better package our product for customers. We would love to hear your thoughts on our product, strategy, goals, or anything else you’d like to share - email us at info@cargoflip.com.

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