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Cargoflip The Journey: Vol 2

Cargoflip The Journey: Vol 2

November 23, 2021
Last Updated:
July 25, 2023
5 min read

✔️After a successful launch, Cargoflip is back with new features that make shipping and logistics easier than ever.

Cargoflip The Journey: Vol 2

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Product, product, product. Over the last few months we have been working to improve our product by rethinking the look, feel and function. This blog is going to tackle what changes we’re making and how we’re making them.

Let’s dive right in with two new features that have been implemented. Firstly, we have cost analysis; this tool allows businesses to compare their estimated costs against their actual costs. This feature was recommended by a customer who was concerned with the price of shipping containers from Asia to North America. Prior to the COVID-induced astronomical increase in global shipping costs they didn't give it much thought, but they’re now interested in costs per unit or SKU inclusive of freight and other charges.

Secondly we added the ability to track your payments; how much has been paid and is yet to be paid, and when these actions should happen. This, in combination with cost tracking, is enabling customers to get a more holistic view of what is outstanding in the shipping workflow. Together with tasks you can properly get your entire team on the same page.

Some key changes we are excited for are our UI changes, since inception function has been top of mind but we've since hired an expert to help us design a better looking product with a more usable interface. Some key changes will include more intuitive information architecture, the incorporation of modern colour schemes, re-imagined pages and overall better feel when using the platform.

With increased bandwidth we've begun product testing both internally for bug identification and externally with our audience to enhance the user experience . Our team is going all in on building a beautiful platform backed by robust code.

The road to growth remains largely the same; continue working closely with our customers to hammer out new features and elevate the old. Let’s build these features together by reaching out to us by explaining your biggest pain points in logistics workflows!

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