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Amazon Reference ID

Amazon Reference ID


An Amazon reference ID, also known as an Amazon Associate ID or tracking ID, is a unique identifier assigned to each Amazon Associates member. It is used to track clicks and purchases made through affiliate links and to calculate commissions earned on qualifying sales. The ID is added to the end of the product link in the format "?tag=YOURID-20" to identify which Amazon Associate sent the customer to the site.


What Does My Reference ID Number Mean?

Amazon Reference ID numbers are assigned to every customer and order as a way to keep track of them. The number is generated randomly and is unique to each customer and order. There is no specific meaning for the number, but customer service representatives can use it to look up an individual’s account or order history. If you contact Amazon customer service, they may ask for your Reference ID number to locate your account. Also, this reference ID is used to access your Amazon account.

Wonder how does Amazon reference ID looks like? It is a string of alphanumeric characters, which means it is formatted in numbers and letters. For instance: 8N7EGXAD

How do I find my Amazon reference ID?

To find your Amazon reference ID, you need to log in to your Amazon Associates account and navigate to the "Account Information" page.

What Is My Amazon FBA Number?                                                      

Amazon FBA numbers are identification codes assigned to products that Amazon fulfils. The code is used to track inventory and orders. The number is typically printed on the product’s packaging or on a label affixed to the product. If you are trying to locate the FBA number, you can find it by logging into your Amazon account and going to the “manage inventory” page. The number will be listed next to the product’s title. It is unique to your product and is used by Amazon to track inventory.

Can I Use My Amazon Reference ID For Tracking?

The Amazon Reference ID is not a tracking number but can be used by customer service to look up your order history. If you need to track your package, you will need to use the tracking number that Amazon provided you at the purchase time. You can find this number in your account history or in your shipping confirmation email.

So, you cannot use Reference ID for tracking because it differs from the tracking number. A tracking number is a unique identifier assigned to your package at the time of purchase. One can use this number to track the package as it makes its way to you. An Amazon Reference ID, on the other hand, is a random number assigned to every customer and order.  

How Do I Use My Shipment Reference ID?

Your shipment reference ID is a one-of-a-kind identifier that is assigned to your purchase as soon as you place it. This number is recorded and tracked as your item progresses through the delivery process. You can find your shipment reference ID in your account history or shipping confirmation email. In case of a delay in shipment, you can reach out to customer support and use this shipment ID that you received in the email to track your shipment. You can also use the tracking software of the shipping company and input this reference ID to track your package.