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Shipping Quotation

April 21, 2023
Last Updated:
July 23, 2023
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Need help in efficiently running your shipment operations? ✔️Use our shipping quotation template to quickly get the right quotes and have an organized system.

Shipping Quotation

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Do you need to create a shipping quotation?

If so, it's important to know the right format and information to include. A well-crafted quotation will ensure that all parties involved have a clear understanding of what is being offered.

This article outlines the essential elements of a shipping quotation and provides an example of a professional shipping quotation format completed with a template.

What Is a Shipping Quotation?

A shipping quotation, also known as a freight quote form, is a shipping document that provides an estimate of the cost and timeline for transporting goods from one location to another. It's typically prepared by shipping companies and freight forwarders in response to a request from a potential client.

The quotation includes essential information such as the origin and destination of the shipment, the mode of transportation, the type of goods being transported, and any additional services requested by the client. A thorough and precise shipping quotation is vital to determine the overall transportation costs. It enables clients to make informed decisions about selecting the best logistics partner for their shipment needs.

When is a Shipping Quotation Used?

When it comes to shipping, a quotation plays an important role in the initial stages of the shipping process. It's created in response to a buyer requesting a quote, but it offers more than just price quotes. A quotation typically carries information about the products being shipped, payment terms, and shipping terms.

It essentially serves as a starting point for negotiations between the buyer and the seller. Once the buyer accepts the quotation, the seller will begin the process of formalizing the agreement with a proforma invoice. This allows both parties to move forward with confidence that they are operating on the same terms.

What Information is Needed for a Freight Quote?

To fill out a shipping quote form, you need to include the following information:

  • Shipper information — the shipper's name and address
  • Consignee information — the consignee's name and address
  • ‍Invoice date — the date when the invoice was issued
  • Shipping method — can be either sea, air, truck, or rail
  • Type of shipment — can be either Full Container Load (FCL), Less Than Container Load (LCL), Full Truck Load (FTL), Less Than a Truck Load (LTL), Air, or Break Bulk
  • ‍Country of origin — the country where the goods were manufactured
  • Country of destination — the country where goods will be finally delivered
  • ‍Port of loading and port of discharge — seaport or airport in respective loading and discharge locations
  • Departure date — the date of delivery or handover
  • ‍Incoterms — specify which commercial term will be used
  • Shipment details — an itemized list of the goods being shipped with specific descriptions that include quantity, measurements, total weight, HS codes, and SKUs
  • ‍Bank details — account information including account number and sort codes to the importer's bank account
  • ‍Name and signature of authorized signatories

Download a Shipping Quote Form Template

We have created a professional shipping quote template to help you quickly create an accurate quote. This is a fillable PDF document that includes all of the information needed for a freight quote.

Download free shipping quotation PDF
Shipping quotation template

Download the shipping quotation form template now to get started. The template is easily editable; you can customize it to include all the necessary information to create an accurate quotation.

Choose the Best Shipping Quote Form

Selecting the right shipping quote template is important for businesses as it helps them ensure that their quotes are accurate and comprehensive.

Cargoflip offers a range of free shipping templates that will help you save time and money. They are easy to use and modify and designed to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

Whether you’re a logistics provider or a shipper, Cargoflip’s shipping quotes are the best way to create a professional and reliable freight quotation. Start using them today and see the difference they make in your business.

Shipping Quote Form FAQ

How do you calculate shipping quotations?

Shipping quotations are calculations of the costs of shipping goods from one location to another. The cost is typically calculated based on factors such as the type of goods being shipped, the destination, and any special handling or delivery requirements.

Do I need a shipping quotation?

Yes, you will need to submit a shipping quote in order for the seller to assess your needs and provide you with a price quote.

What are the benefits of using shipping quotation forms?

Using shipping quotation forms can help streamline the process of creating and submitting quotations. The forms provide a structured format and ensure that all necessary information is included. Additionally, they can help save time and money by ensuring accuracy in the quoting process.

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