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Proforma Invoice

Performa invoice is sent before goods are delivered. It outlines a precise estimate of what goods are to be delivered and price point at which they will be delivered

Commercial Invoice

Commercial invoice is issued by the seller that accurately describes what items are being sold. This invoice is the primary point of reference for customs to determine duties.

Packing List

Packing lists outlines weights, measurements, how goods are packs and what goods are in each package. Generally you find one inside the package and one on the outside.

Shipper’s Letter of Instruction

Shipper’s Letter of Instruction is issued by exporters to explain to freight forwarders how they should handle the shipment.

Purchase Order

Purchase orders are sent by the buyer to outline what items are being requested as well as terms of payment

Shipping Quotation

Quotations show the price/rates of a shipment and goods. It also includes shippment information, such as taxes, discounts or additional charges

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